The meaning of the LIGHTS Army map is to gather all LIGHTS Army Souldiers on this map, so we can see where all LIGHTS fans are from!
Ready for world domination? ^^

Very simple to put yourself on the map:
1. Go to http://www.zeemaps.c...ap?group=160865
2. Click on 'unlock' in the right corner
3. Enter livelovelights as member key -> Unlock
4. Click on Additions -> Add marker
5. Enter your @twittername and/or your full name and all the other information (address isn't necessary)
6. Please left the marker on LIGHTS Army member, unless you are LIGHTS herself of course ^^ Jeremy, if you want to add yourself, let me know, then I'll make a special marker for you too!
7. You can add some extra details if u want by clicking 'details' above
8. If you're ready, click submit!
After you did this, I will receive an email to approve your marker! ^^

One more thing, when you submit, there's a link. Save this link in case you want to change your information sooner or later.
If you don't have the link anymore, but you really want to change your information, you can make a new one, leave a message in the guest book so I can delete the previous one.